Restoration of forest machinery tracks

Our restored tracks are several times more durable compared to the original products, which helps you save money and time.

If you order the restoration of forest machinery tracks from us, you save money and time, because we can offer the customers special steels with best possible quality for the wearable parts of the tracks. Thanks to the maximum hardening of steel and the addition of more manganese (Mn) for special steels, we can offer the best possible abrasion resistance parts for forest machinery tracks. For track restoration, we use a track link with a diameter of 28 mm and a restoration part of 20×50 mm, which allows you to use up the entire length of the track.

  • Maximum steel-hardening
  • Additional manganese (Mn) in special steels
  • Several times more durable
  • Warranty
  • Will help to use the most of the entire track-width

Track restoration process

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