Restored tracks for sale

We sell forest machinery tracks in different lengths and profiles from the following manufacturers: Clark tracks, Olofsfors, KOPA, KM track, KK-steel etc.

In storage

Olofsfors eco-of 600/26,5-1 pc
Olofsfors eco-of+kandev 600/26,5-1 pc
Olofsfors eco-track 710/700 26,5-2 pc
Olofsfors eco-baltic 700/710 26,5-1 pc
Olofsfors coverX 800/26,5-1 pc
Olofsfors eco-evo 800/26,5-2 pc
Olofsfors eco-evo 780/28,5-1 pc
Olofsfors eco-evo 710/700 26,5-1 pc

Clark tracks Terralite 710/700 26,5-2 pc
Clark tracks Terralite95  780/28,5-1 pc
Clark tracks  Kandev 710/26,5-1 pc
Clark tracks comby 800/26,5-(kandev+vedav/combi variant)-1 pc
Clark tracks Grouzerlite 710/26,5-1 pc
Clark tracks Terra95 800/26,5-1 pc

Swingcut Vedav 710/26,5-1 pc
Swingcut Vedav 750/26,5-1 pc

Restore ECV Track 800/26,5/1200mm –1 pc

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We restore different forest machinery tracks. For restoration, please contact us.
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